Customs Brokerage and Trade Consulting

Whether you’re a local importer, a major manufacturer, or a national retailer, your business depends on goods getting to their destinations quickly and efficiently.

With decades of experience and hundreds of thousands of transactions handled annually, LEI’s customs team has the know-how to manage all your clearance and compliance needs, ensuring your shipments arrive on time and without penalty. And as our brokerage services are tightly integrated into the rest of LEI’s global freight operations, we can take care of all your supply chain needs, making sure your shipments are being handled accurately, and professionally. 

In an increasingly complex legal and regulatory environment with customs audits and inspections on the rise, it’s important to have a team on your side that knows the territory. Whether your shipment arrives by air, sea, truck or rail, our full-service customs brokerage can handle all your compliance needs.


  • Trade consulting and project management
  • Making sure you’re up to speed on all the latest rules, legislation and trade agreements, so your business can stay competitive.
  • Analysis of all your import and export entries to make sure your duties are reduced, applicable taxes are recovered, and that you receive all the refunds and claims that are due to you.
  • We make sure our clients qualify and are enrolled in available duty deferral and duty reduction programs.
  • The management of all your import and export data and documentation, including the collection and management of USMCA/CUSMA Certifications
  • Customs entry transmission through CADEX with online PARS tracking
  • Ensuring that you meet all your audit and ruling requirements
  • Producing Consolidated Entry Preparations
  • CFIA Releases
  • Managing temporary entries
  • Handling NRI clearance

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