Freight Forwarding

Selecting the most efficient and cost effective transportation options can be challenging. Whether you need to fill a small gap in your supply chain or whether you need a complete, end-to-end logistics solution, you can trust LEI to come up with creative solutions to all your transportation needs.

Our multimodal transportation solutions, such as our Sea/Air service, provide greater flexibility in both timing and price. And LEI’s partnerships with key air, ocean and ground carriers provide customizable and integrated global transportation solutions that allow for greater leverage in both space allocation and pricing.

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Having LEI’s team knowledgeable and responsive ocean freight experts on your side means that you have access to extensive transportation networks and partnerships with leading ocean carriers. Our well-established networks and relationships translate into increased capacity, better value, more flexibility, and more choice for our clients. Whatever the size of your business, and however...Learn More
As one of Canada’s most innovative and versatile airfreight specialists, LEI offers a full range of international air cargo solutions and unrivaled levels of customer service. Over the last 25 years, our airfreight service has handled tens of thousands of tons of air cargo, moving goods along key international routes as well as creating tailored transportation solutions to get your cargo to...Learn More
Drawing on over 25 years of intermodal transportation experience, our inland logistics division will develop and implement sophisticated transport strategies tailor made for your business. With growing congestion on the roads and the pressures of climate change, the combination of road and rail is an efficient, economical and environmentally friendly option for our clients. Between our own...Learn More
Faster than ocean freight but less expensive than air, if your priority is to keep your shipping costs to a minimum but you need to get your shipment to its destination quickly, then LEI’s Sea/Air service will be the perfect fit for you. By operating our Sea/air Division and Vancouver Air Export departments from the same location, we are able to work closely within our company and with the...Learn More
If you are expanding your business into new international markets, or you are looking to better service an existing market, let LEI’s skilled export team simplify the process by managing all your logistics and documentation requirements. With our help, your exports will be professionally handled, leaving you free to manage and grow your business. LEI’s export team will help you smoothly...Learn More
Shipping is safer now than it ever has been, but even with careful handling, accidents sometimes happen. Whether you’re moving cargo across town, or around the world, protect your investment with LEI’s “all risk” cargo insurance. With agreements in place with major international insurance companies, LEI has negotiated open cargo policies that grant our team the authority to underwrite high...Learn More