Shipping is safer now than it ever has been, but even with careful handling, accidents sometimes happen. Whether you’re moving cargo across town, or around the world, protect your investment with LEI’s “all risk” cargo insurance.

With agreements in place with major international insurance companies, LEI has negotiated open cargo policies that grant our team the authority to underwrite high limit cargo from within our offices. This means that you are spared the hassle of dealing with a separate cargo underwriter, and have access to a network of settling agents in a 140 countries worldwide who are ready to provide you with first class service, making the claims process as painless as possible.


  • Broad coverage against loss or damage, including freight charges.
  • Ease of administration: no applications to complete and send to insurance agents or brokers
  • Cost effective: benefit from LEI’s bulk buying
  • Door-to-Door coverage
  • Flexible: Customize coverage to your specific needs
  • Competitive Rates

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