EFL Global on the road with Infor Nexus

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EFL Global on the road with Infor Nexus
November 28, 2023

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EFL Global is to implement the Infor Nexus platform and join its logistics service provider (LSP) community.

An international logistics and supply chain industry leader, EFL will leverage the Machine Learning and predictive analytic capabilities of the Nexus platform to enhance its supply chain operations and better serve its clients.

Infor Nexus, a single-instance multi-enterprise business network platform, optimizes the flow of goods, information and capital from source to delivery and payment. It empowers businesses to boost their overall supply chain performance, improve on-time delivery and customer service, reduce costs, free up working capital, and enhance partner relationships.

With the integration of the Infor Nexus platform, EFL Global will gain a greater level of visibility, insight and collaboration throughout its entire supply chain.

Real-time signals, precise ETAs and community data on the network will enable EFL Global to provide accurate container event data, anticipate industry disruptions and reduce costs for its clients.

The company also will benefit from the broader ecosystem and can leverage Infor Nexus’ 20 years of global network data, applying Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence into predictive modeling.

By leveraging the Infor Nexus platform, EFL Global can provide a combination of status updates (milestones) from carriers and partners, along with live GPS location data to give a complete view of where a shipment is, where it’s going and when it will get there.

EFL clients will also benefit from community data on the network that can alert them to events such as port delays, bad weather, labor issues and all other issues that could impact their shipments.

Brian Catron, CIO and Head of Integrated Services, EFL and Heidi Benko, Vice President of Product Marketing and Strategy, Infor Nexus, told us more.

Brian Catron

From an operational perspective, what are the medium-to-long-term advantages for EFL Global transitioning with Infor Nexus?

The addition of the Infor Nexus platform at EFL allows us to enhance and expand our extensive presence and origin management expertise to deliver enhanced Order Management services to our customers.  The Infor Nexus network enables our customers to have full visibility of their supply chains, so they can optimize lead times, get visibility to industry disruptions and reduce costs while at the same time offering a complete end-to end supply chain solution.   The addition of this product positions EFL to deliver new industry leading functionality and capabilities to enhance our customers’ ability to service and manage their supply chains and inventory levels, while at the same time their own clientele.

How were the technical aspects of those advantages communicated to EFL’s operational teams?

EFL is a leading supply chain management company operating via land, sea, and air with a presence in over 39 countries and more than 70 offices worldwide. Through expansion and communication within the EFL network as a whole, we were able to build the infrastructure and support needed to expand our Order Management capabilities and offerings by utilizing the Infor Nexus platform at a global level. 

What positives from the transition experience of EFL can, in turn, be directly shared with clients?

Clients demand technology innovation that offers control and visibility to orders which is something EFL is now able to provide to clients through our partnership with Infor Nexus. 

Through the use of predictive analytics, EFL can generate and provide clients with accurate container event data along with precise ETAs, all via real-time updates.

Customer dashboards and reporting will also enable clients to have up-to-date data and information, helping them manage by exception, while at the same time providing them end-to-end visibility of their supply chain and inventory levels. 

These enhanced offerings provide clients with the information needed to manage their supply chain through the use of one global network.

Heidi Benko

From a technical perspective, what were challenges in meeting what EFL Global wanted from the transition to Infor Nexus?

In order to broaden EFL’s range of supply chain services and offer a comprehensive, digitized end-to-end solution to their customers, they sought a global supply chain platform that could expand their original management services by providing robust order management and advanced visibility capabilities. 

How did Infor Nexus meet those challenges?

At Infor Nexus, we have always been committed to revolutionizing the management of global supply chain processes. For over two decades we have been a trusted solution for both leading shippers and logistics service providers to managing complex global supply chains.

Our core strength lies in our single network platform, which provides end-to-end visibility, collaboration and seamless execution of processes, starting from order placement and continuing through to final delivery. This comprehensive approach empowers our logistics service provider customers to offer truly end-to-end services to their clients.

We offer a full suite of solutions for logistics service providers including robust order management, transportation management, end-to-end visibility and insightful analytics.

This enables our Logistics Service Provider (LSP) customers to manage orders more efficiently and provide them with real-time visibility, including more accurate Estimated Time of Arrivals (ETAs) that leverage Machine Learning from our extensive network data and predictive, actionable insights to provide more intelligent and swift response to distributions and delays in their supply chains. 

By enhancing order fulfilment, orchestrating global logistics seamlessly, providing a more accurate picture of inventory in transit with reliable arrival dates and proactive alerts to delays, our logistics service provider (LSP) customers can effectively reduce costs and lead times in their clients’ supply chains while simultaneously improving service levels.

With our robust platform, extensive experience and cutting-edge technology, we empower our LSP customers to streamline their operations, reduce costs, and provide top-notch service in today’s dynamic global supply chain landscape.

What lessons did Infor Nexus learn from the EFL Global project that could apply to future work in the logistics sector?

The logistics service provider (LSP) industry is continuously evolving to meet the dynamic demands of modern supply chains and innovation and adaptability are essential in this ever-changing landscape.  Infor Nexus offers LSPs a three-pronged approach, providing continuous product innovation, professional services and dedicated account support teams throughout our partnership.

One crucial component is providing real-time visibility and actionable insights throughout the supply chain.

This encompasses tracking inventory, orders, shipments and transportation in real time, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and respond promptly to disruptions.

Additionally, predictive analytics plays a pivotal role in generating more accurate ETAs and issuing proactive alerts regarding disruptions and delays. These capabilities not only enhance decision-making processes but also elevate the level of customer service.

Our experience underscores the significance of network-based insights, which contribute to a more holistic understanding of supply chain dynamics.

Combined with a single platform that encompasses order management, origin operations and supply chain visibility, these insights form a comprehensive toolkit that LSPs can leverage to meet the evolving needs of their customers.

Ultimately, it is clear that staying at the forefront of technology and continuously expanding end-to-end supply chain services is pivotal for LSPs to help their customers reduce costs, lead times and inventory while enhancing agility and on-time delivery in this ever-evolving and dynamic landscape.

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