EFL Global's Sustainability Accomplishments in 2023

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EFL Global's Sustainability Accomplishments in 2023
December 15, 2023

As we approach 2024, the commitment to sustainability stands as an essential pillar for organizations worldwide. In 2023, EFL Global has not only embraced this commitment, but has soared to new heights in its pursuit of environmental, business, and social responsibility. From innovative green initiatives in logistics to impactful community engagement, EFL Global has set a new standard for corporate sustainability, proving that logistics organizations can thrive while prioritizing the health of the planet and the communities it serves. 

Environmental and Community Projects

Through our Global Goodness program, our organization conducts long-term projects that create a significant positive impact on the environment and community ecosystems across our global operations. In 2023, we started – and completed – various initiatives to support local communities and their environments. 

In November, EFL Global concluded our flagship project, Revive Bundala, a five-year initiative to revive Bundala National Park’s ecosystems by planting trees and supporting the park’s wildlife. While our initial goal was to plant 125,000 trees over the five years, our teams and partners were able to plant 133,000 trees. Our team also aided community members in the vicinity of Bundala, offering monetary support for their work in the planting process. The final planting session was held over two days in November, with members of the EFL Global team and other entities, key figures from our leadership team, and volunteers from the Sabrina Yusoof Foundation participating.

The second phase of our Reforestation Project in the Philippines was held in July. This project was initially launched in November 2022 in collaboration with the Haribon Foundation, a leading biodiversity conservation organization. 1,250 seedlings were planted in San Andres Rizal during the first phase of the project. In the second phase, another 1,250 seedlings were planted, with our own EFL Global employees attending these sessions. 

Our Play Pump Project is another long-term initiative serving local communities in South Africa. Launched in 2019, the play pumps continue to serve more than 2,600 community members, including school children. What began as a single play pump installed by EFL Global at a rural school has since grown to six total play pumps in multiple areas of the country. To this day, EFL Global oversees the maintenance of these pumps to ensure a dependable water supply to local individuals.

Finally, we launched our Clean Water Project in Isla Caballo, Costa Rica. Around 350 people reside on Isla Caballo but do not have access to necessities such as clean water, electricity, and solid waste management. In May, the EFL Global team collaborated with the Pacific Marine Park and UNA to install two Rainwater Harvesting Systems with 1,100 liters of capacity per machine. With proper maintenance, these units will be effective for over 15 years to come. 

Internal & External Policies

EFL Global consistently works to implement policies that support business goals while prioritizing sustainable efforts and commitments. In 2023, we announced several policies that follow these goals both internally and externally.

We rolled out our Supplier Sustainability Code of Conduct (SSCoC) to ensure suppliers adhere to ethical and sustainable practices throughout their operations. Through this policy, EFL Global promotes responsible and sustainable business practices, protects brand reputation, ensures compliance with local and global regulations, and contributes to the broader goal of sustainable development. The policy sets clear expectations for suppliers and provides a framework for monitoring and evaluating performance. EFL Global encourages businesses to assess the sustainability credentials of their suppliers to make informed decisions about their partnerships.

We also rolled out two internal policies for our employees: the Zero Waste Policy and Sustainability Code of Conduct. The Zero Waste Policy helps global stations to minimize the environmental impact of the company’s operations by promoting responsible waste management such as reducing waste generation, recycling, reusing materials, and properly disposing of hazardous waste. This policy represents EFL Global’s dedication to environmental sustainability. The Sustainability Code of Conduct sets the standard for employee behavior in relation to sustainability and in line with EFL Global’s values and ethics.

Technical Achievements

This year, technical advancements have allowed EFL Global to further support both our and our clients’ sustainability goals through automation, digital tracking, and solutions. 

GHG inventory provides a comprehensive understanding of a company’s carbon footprint, which is critical for setting emission reduction targets and developing strategies to mitigate climate change. In 2023, EFL Global conducted a complete GHG Assessment of all global stations to develop a comprehensive GHG inventory alongside Optera, a US-based ESG consultation organization. Through this assessment, EFL Global can communicate environmental performance to stakeholders, building trust and credibility and demonstrating our commitment to addressing climate change and sustainability.

Additionally, we participated in the Disclosure of our Sustainability Performance through CDP and EcoVadis, demonstrating our commitment to responsible business practices. This allows stakeholders to assess our environmental and social impact, promoting transparency, accountability, benchmarking, and risk management. 

Finally, EFL Global continued to provide Emission Offsetting Solutions to our clients through IREC credits. IREC credits provide transparency and credibility to emission-offsetting efforts by ensuring that renewable energy projects are independently verified and meet specific criteria for sustainability. We will continue to support our clients in offsetting their electricity-related greenhouse gas emissions.

Looking Ahead in 2024 

In the new year, EFL Global will continue to lead the charge toward a more sustainable and responsible tomorrow through sustainable projects, green business initiatives, and key memberships. Sustainability is not just a chapter in a company’s story; it’s a promise to continue pioneering positive change in the world of logistics and beyond. 

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