A Case Study: Saving you Time and Money

Bottlenecks can appear anywhere in the supply chain, and it’s the job of your freight forwarder to see that your goods move as quickly and as efficiently as possible.  So, when one of our clients came to us with a shipping problem, we knew just what to do:

Our client, a major sportswear distributor, was growing rapidly and its warehousing operations were beginning to feel the pinch. When a member of our team noticed that our client was set to receive a particularly big order from China, they were quick to identity a problem: that 7 other containers were expected to arrive at the same time, and our client’s warehouse only had one loading bay.

Usually a bottleneck like this would have been very costly because incoming containers would be held in the terminal’s expensive storage yard while waiting for customs clearance and pickup. This is where LEI’s own truck fleet, customs bonded storage yards and designation as an off-dock facility, came in handy. We were able to pick up our client’s containers as they came off the ship and then brought them to our warehouse for destuffing.

In short, we caught a problem, found a solution and saved our client both time and money.